Thursday, November 23, 2000

Blue Mountains Cryptid Research group meets

In November 2000, a small group of people met at Jerry and Sue's home. The fortnight following, another similar meeting occurred. Those there were Jerry and Sue O'Connor, Mike Hallett, David McBean, Mick and Tracy Meskers, Neil, "Silent Local" and Zsolt Malota. Jerry regaled us with the experiences they have had with the creature around their house (see Jerry and Sue's first experience - at the AYR website As well as the famous roaring incident, activity has escalated to include banging on the side of their house and visits to their bedroom window in the dead of night.

Jerry walked the group around his backyard, showing us the damage to trees in the area, bites into tree trunks, and the array of black cotton thread he has strung up in a circle around the backyard, to let him know if any night-time intruders have been visiting.
The group then drove to a road skirting the far side of the valley that Jerry's house is located on. It is this valley that the creature is suspected to use to get up towards town. Looking over the valley, back towards Jerry's house, obscured by the trees, we locate a carcass of a sheep that has bee torn apart and left beside the road. In this area too, Jerry has set up his 7 ft high cotton thread boundary, to know if there has been any movement through this area.
During the time at Jerry's, it was decided to form a collective of people interested in pursuing this phenomenon, to work together to gather evidence and compile some sort of database to better understand what we are dealing with. The information gathered would be communicated via the internet, and be called Blue Mountains Cryptid Research.