Thursday, March 15, 2007

March 4 2007 Expedition - Blue Mountains

Location: Lower Blue Mountains, NSW
Number of participants: 3
Preface: We headed to a particularly active area of the the Blue Mountains for a two night expedition from the 2nd to 4th March 2007.

We camped out at the end of a road leading to a firetrail in an historically active area. During the first day, T and A went looking around the local area and met up with a few local residents with their own experiences.

On Sat 3rd, Mike (me) joined the expedition. I parked at the end of the road where it stops and becomes a firetrail. I then walked a few hundred metres or so down the track to a saddle leading into a steep gully on the northern side. Here, approx 10 metres from the firetrail I found an interestingly disturbed group of sapling and low bushes that appeared to me to have been pushed down into the centre.


  1. That's a stretch of the imagination...a yowie eh?

    Can't imagine that happening by itself lmao

  2. Yeah, the photo doesn't do it justice, you're right. When you start seeing these freaky things whenever you go to areas where the locals are telling you they are seeing weird stuff, it seems odd.

  3. I believe in yowies too...they're really cool.
    I went on a bush walk once and -Someone- told me that these crosses of sticks and strange patterns were yowie makings. Cool!
    B.T.W. (by the way) you typed 'weird'!

  4. I belive in yowies too, their half cool half scary.